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41 Faves & Details

Wallflower (Medium)

  1. Favorite author: William Goldman. Reading him taught me how to write fiction.
  2. Favorite book in my lifetime: The Color of Light
  3. Favorite book in school: Animal Farm. Portnoy’s Complaint was solid, too.
  4. An author I used to like and now can’t remember why: Norman Mailer.
  5. Overrated: Hemingway’s novels. A Moveable Feast is just mean. The shorts are still okay. 
  6. Dead authors I’d like to meet: Robert Heinlein for the sci-fi conversation, Kurt Vonnegut because I wrote a book in which he is a character (Wallflower) and I share his worldview.
  7. Favorite book I wrote: Difficult choice but either This Plague of Days, Dream’s Dark Flight or Brooklyn in the Mean Time (I can’t choose any fewer of my children than that! Geez!)
  8. Best solo podcast: Spalding Gray, Live Recordings
  9. Best news podcast: The Young Turks
  10. Best comedy podcast: The Scathing Atheist
  11. Best movie (comedy): I keep watching The Big Lebowski even though I thought I was done with it.
  12. Best movie (drama) ~ tie: Fight ClubThe Usual Suspects & The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  13. Best TV Series: West Wing
  14. Best TV (comedy): News Radio
  15. Best drink ~ tie: Pina Colada & Singapore Sling (Slings used to be a big thing.)
  16. Place I need to get back to: Bermuda. When I was 16, I promised myself I’d go back.
  17. The city I’d live in if I wasn’t where I am: Victoria, BC
  18. Best architecture I’ve visited: The Peace Palace
  19. Most interesting attraction: Hearst Castle for the fascinating conspicuous consumption.
  20. Biggest celebrity I’ve met: A hug from director Kevin Smith easily beats two Canadian prime ministers
  21. Best cake: Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest ruined all other Black Forest cakes forever. Don’t even try.
  22. Podcast I once loved and now it’s hit and miss: The Joe Rogan Experience
  23. First odd factoid that comes to mind: The word for popping out an eyeball is exoculation.
  24. Strange obsession: Obscure words and Latin phrases
  25. Spookiest known fact: With her last breath, my mother waved goodbye from her deathbed.
  26. Movie obsession: At 20, Hong Kong action flicks. Now? Any movie with Humphrey Bogart.
  27. Movies I want to see: A new Iron Man movie each month starring RDJ
  28. Movie star who disappoints me most ~ three-way tie: Gwyneth Paltrow for selling dangerous snake oil, Chuck Norris for his far right political views and Donald Trump for accidentally becoming president by catering to fear. (I say accidentally because even he didn’t think he’d make it this far.)
  29. Movies people think I’d like but can take or leave: Star Wars. (Trek is better.)
  30. Least favorite thing about others: Lack of compassion
  31. Most favorite thing about others: Generosity of spirit
  32. Injuries: A messed up knee, chipped teeth, broken toe (sparring)
  33. Worst injury inflicted on another: Broken wrist (sparring)
  34. Easiest years of my life: University. I was out of the workforce doing something easy.
  35. Worst job: Working for my family in a warehouse and retail.
  36. Weirdest job: Working for Harlequin proofing romances on the night shift.
  37. Best job: Drinking coffee while writing books to entertain you.
  38. Least favorite thing about me: My memory for offences is too good and I lost touch with a lot of friends due to bouts of depression.
  39. Special talents: Frightening and uncanny laser accuracy pinpointing triggerpoints for healing intent or for pain compliance/debilitation techniques, pattern recognition in both threat assessment and postural assessment scenaria, pro jokemeister, witty banter, blasphemer.
  40. If I weren’t this, what would I be?: I’d write and direct movies.
  41. Plan for 2017: Write more books and record more podcasts as I live up to the aspirations and inspirations of my latest non-fiction book, Do the Thing!

Pick a number.

What’s your fave or detail you’d like to share in the comments?

~ I’m Robert Chazz Chute, a writer and wood stove enthusiast. Please check out my author page at AllThatChazz.com for a freebie (Haunting Lessons) and the All That Chazz Stress Relief Podcast. You’ll also see links to all my books there so, hey, you know the drill. Enjoy.



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