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Writing shorter, despite the prevailing wisdom

Machines Dream of Metal Gods (Medium)

So, FYI, I just launched the Robot Planet Series. I think I’m on track to be the Apocalyptic Guy now. That suits my worldview. I’ve got a massive zombie apocalypse, a cool demon apocalypse series and now the rise of the Next Intelligence threatens us all.

I have a deep catalogue of longer work but I’ve moved into writing novellas in a series. Thirty-thousand words isn’t nothing but it’s half the size of my usual novels. When Kindle Unlimited changed terms so we get paid by page reads instead of the 10% threshold, a lot of people decided they’d begin writing long again. I think it’s more about keeping people reading than about length, but to each his or her own.

I could write a full novel every two to three months, but at 30,000 words or so, I can keep the action very tight and publish more often. Sales interest me more than KU borrows. I look at that as an extra, not to be depended on or even thought of much. On the other hand, nobody knows yet for sure but, if projections are correct, I seem to be doing better with KU2 than with KU1 terms.

Coming up with action-packed reads that get out faster is fun and energizing. It also suits a lot of people’s lifestyles (i.e. gimme something that’s a quick read because I’ve got too much stuff to do.) 

Publishing more often also boosts visibility within Amazon’s eco-system. I’ll show up on more Also Bought ribbons. That interests me very much.

It’s up to you.

Write short. Write shorter. Write long. Write even longer. Write however long the story demands. Just have fun with it and readers will climb aboard your crazy train. I’d much rather focus on the story itself than worry about Kindle Unlimited terms.

Writing good books will pay. That’s where my focus remains.

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