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#COFFINHOP on ZOMBIEHOLICS: Advice Given in Hindsight…

In case you feel you need it, here’s some warm writing advice from people who write about cold creatures.

Zombieholics Anonymous

There’s a saying – hindsight is always 20/20 – and given that, I wanted to know what advice the authors would give a younger version of themselves. Something they wish they’d known when they first started writing…

Julianne Snow

To go for it. In high school I was guided into the sciences and away from the arts. But then even looking back, what I studied while getting my degrees has helped bring a level of authenticity into my work. But my advice to myself would still stand – in going for it, it doesn’t mean I had to choose between the arts and the sciences. I could have done both without any problem.

Stephen Kozeniewski

“You mustn’t kill time, boy.  You must cherish it.  Can I have some change to go get loaded?”

T.W. Piperbrook

Keep on writing! I wish I hadn’t taken several detours in life, but at the…

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