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Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price

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By Melissa Foster for IndieReader There’s a lot of controversy circulating throughout the publishing industry about the pricing of ebooks, and it’s a significant topic that warrants discussion.
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  1. My take is…The price of your ebook should be comparable to the size of your audience. This does not necessarily reflect the qualty of the book, but rather, how quickly an author wants to gain readers. No following=Low price. Large following = Higher price. Simple. Authors who have a larger readership shouldn’t have anything to worry about, if their books are great and their cult wants more. If they aren’t selling, perhaps their following isn’t into them as much as they think.

  2. Chazz says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Yours might be the most elegant solution I’ve heard. Another author said asking for $1.00 per 10,000 words worked for him, but I think he was well known with a traditional pub track record. I’m going to play around with prices a bit in the future, I think, but in the meantime, I’m sticking with all low prices until people get my flavor. (For instance, I’m trying a new short for $1.99 while my suspense novelette is up for only 99 cents.)

    When I get the novels out there, the shorter works will eventually drop to free. I did read and enjoy your blog post on making books free to gain readership and I’m absorbing your experiments with great interest. As always, you’re advice is wise and pragmatic. I might be going to free for the shorts sooner than I first thought.

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