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How we’re all a little like Sarah Palin: The Dumb Dumb Double Down

The quick jab is that Sarah Palin doesn’t know anything about Paul Revere. Not even what they got wrong on Schoolhouse Rock.

Of course what she was reaching for, and fumbled so badly, was a crack at gun control. No matter that the Democrats haven’t given gun control a thought, not even after the Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt when they could have pushed a ban on ridiculously large ammo clips. Palin was trying too hard to make everything that comes out of her mouth an anti-Obama soundbite and ended up spouting nonsense.

Now she claims it was a gotcha question from the lamestream media. But all questions for Palin are gotcha questions. “What’s for breakfast?” There’s a landmine. (The actual gotcha question fired at Palin was, “What have you seen today and what do you take away from it?” Yeah. I know.)

Things got worse when she tried to revise history. Instead of saying she got it wrong (which she is incapable of doing) she doubled down on the dumb. She went on FOX and asserted that she got it right. Revere wasn’t just warning John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British were marching to arrest them. He was also apparently  a treasonous swine, taking time to “ring bells” and warn British soldiers that they weren’t going to take away anybody’s arms.

Sigh. Oh, for the love of God, pleeeease! Politicians need a thick hide, just like we, as writers, need to resist the urge to leap to our own defense when we encounter criticism. It’s hard though, isn’t it?

We often deny wrongdoing. Yes, even when we know we’re wrong. It’s sub-optimum, but people do that. Nobody likes to be wrong. Everybody wants to be the smartest boy or girl in the room. But the smart thing to do is admit we are human. Otherwise we  come off terribly unlikeable and simian. Go for forgiveness, not infallibility. Infallibility is unreachable, especially for the incompetent.

My favorite was the guy who called me up and asked for Josh.

“You dialed the wrong number,” I said.

“No, I didn’t!” he said, petulantly.

“Uh…okay… What did you want to talk to me about then?” I said.


Next question: How is it that Sarah Palin still has any base left for all that silly pandering? That’s a deeper, more disturbing question. I admit, I have no idea why anyone still likes her, let alone why anyone thinks she should aspire to office (above visiting the post office.) I’m not smart enough to even speculate on that one.

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2 Responses

  1. tswelti says:

    I’m almost baffled at how anyone can support Sarah Palin… almost. I’ve met so many people in my life who vote with their “gut” instead of with the issues. If you vote for someone based on whether or not you’d want to have a beer with them or how entertaining their reality TV show is then you probably shouldn’t be voting. I re-watched Idiocracy the other day and it was so frightening to see how many of the idiotic cultural practices depicted in the film are already a reality.

    I have to admit, though, that I really hope Palin wins the Republican nomination. It will either be a slam dunk for Obama or, if she wins, a great reason for me to move to Europe.

  2. Chazz says:

    LOL! It does strike me as funny when I hear some people denigrate France, as a for instance. The stats show France and several other European nations have much more going for them on several fronts.

    And yes. the anti-intellectualism underneath some people’s voting choices is both baffling and disturbing. Obama should be a slam dunk considering the alternatives. No real stars are stepping up to get thumped by Obama. (I’m also hoping Obama will rise to the hope of his promises.)

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