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Top 10 Reasons We Write Romance

1. We heard it was easier to break in.

2. Big market and Harlequin is a publisher that still has bucks.

3. Big fan of the Hate you/No I Hate You ad nauseam until eventually I love you/Me, too plot.

4. I like a convention with a lot of women with big hair.

5. A romance makes a quick, easy read on the bus. And there are those muscle covers.

6. Too embarrassed to buy real porn.

7. There’s a skill to creating a love scene that’s not laughable and we have that skill.

8. It’s a formula. It’s a product. It’s a book I can write. Fast! (But it’s still harder than it looks so don’t dare underestimate the genre.)

9. We write to stay in touch with that girl we once were…even if we’re a guy.

10. Vengeance on dopey boyfriends.

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2 Responses

  1. Pamela says:

    Now that made me giggle – thanks!

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