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Amazon Won’t Pay Self-Published Author For Books It Mistakenly Gave Away

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Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, has a rule: If you use it to publish a book, and then sell that same book on another site at a lower price, KDP retains the right to drop the price of your book in the Kindle Store too. Whether that’s fair or not, it’s in the KDP Terms and Conditions that users agree to. But what happens if Amazon makes a mistake and gives away over 6,000 copies of your book for free? One self-published author found out, in a saga that is only today nearing conclusion.
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  1. Reena Jacobs says:

    I read about his story, and to be honest, I think he’s making an unwarranted fuss about it. Yes, Amazon did give 6k of his books away without his permission. They goofed big time. If the author were a big name or mid-list author, that would have been a costly mistake.

    As it were, Amazon gave him publicity other authors are dying to receive. I’ve been trying to get Amazon to price match a couple of my works for months with no success. The guy’s sales went from 6 sales TOTAL (less than $30 in royalties) the month before to 37 (Over $200 in royalties) in one day after the Amazon goof. He’s STILL receiving residual sales after the Amazon fiasco.

    We should all be so unlucky. 🙂

    Amazon was wrong big time. With all the fuss, the proper thing to do would be to remove the Kindle copies from the devices, in my opinion, but the guy doesn’t deserve nor has he earned reimbursement for the free copies. He hasn’t been harmed; he’s benefited BIG TIME. Amazon did for him something he couldn’t do for himself — increase his sales.

    And I hate to say bad things about other authors, and it’s extremely immature to stoop to name calling… but either he’s milking the publicity or he’s one heck of a moron for getting his panties in a bunch. His book would have been lucky to sale 300 copies in his life time without Amazon’s screw up. Thinking he missed out on 6k sales shows he’s seriously out of touch with reality.

    On another note: The author also goofed by publishing an incomplete work through Smashwords, which is against the terms of condition. I’m not saying Coker should, but it would be well within the company’s rights to prohibit the author from using the Smashwords system since he can’t seem to follow the TOC. That alone would prevent any goofs like that happening to him again.

    The guy should be writing posts with titles like: Amazon Goof + My Goof = Mo’ $$

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