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Writers: Balance out the sedentary life

You have to take care of yourself. I certainly haven’t been for the last week. It’s been a monster week for writing since that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. Late last year I was writing in such a frenzy (to the exclusion of all else) that I actually hurt my shoulder and back and it was painful for weeks. As I move to writing full-time, I’ve realized that I have to get the cardio and strength training to balance out sitting and sitting and sitting. Hemingway boxed and hunted and fished. The least I can do is get my ass off the chair.

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2 Responses

  1. Denney Clements says:

    Chazz: You’re so right. Suggestion: Try a treadmill. I bought a nice one last year (for not too much money) and make myself do 20 minutes every other day, more if I can manage it. Better still, it in the same room where I write. If you’re not up for such a purchase, just walk outdoors regularly. Both forms of walking are marvelous for stimulation of thought, such as working out plot problems. Cheers, dc (www.denneyclements.com_

  2. Chazz says:

    Thanks Denny. I do have a little treadmill. I find that as long as I point it at the TV, I can accomplish the task without needing to blow my brains out. In fact, when I watch The Biggest Loser, it feels kind of shitty if I’m not on the treadmill. Can’t watch that show and eat ice cream at the same time. Dammit.

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