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Publishing numbers & Atwood on us

Author Margaret Atwood attends a reading at Ed...

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Want a freak out? Here are some US publishing numbers on top distribution channels, most important factors in book purchases, top five book formats etc.,….

And Margaret Atwood on the changes in publishing. (I don’t agree with everything she says here, but much of it’s on track.)

What don’t I agree with? I’m not an anchovy. I’m Dr. David Banner (geek test!)

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed the Atwood video.

  2. Chazz says:

    Mais non, merci to you! M. Atwood had some interesting things to say there, but I also got a sense that she was seeing the new through the lens of the old. She certainly made some good points, but I see the pub revolution as a phenomenon with more opportunities than problems. Perhaps I’ve worked for myself for so long that I see this as a pub industry that has grown into a machine I can use instead of the other way around. Hm…just got an idea for another blog post. I’ll post that one Friday.

    It seems I write this blog to learn and to find out what I think about things.

  3. […] Publishing numbers & Atwood on us (chazzwrites.wordpress.com) […]

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