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I’m not much on preamble, but I’m really excited to share some really helpful stuff in tomorrow’s blog. We’re talking about the book business, yes, but we’re really working on improving the project that is you (and me!)

Tomorrow I’ve got a couple of stories for you about networking. The word has a bad spammy vibe. That’s unfortunate because the traits of an excellent networker serve anyone who wants to promote their book, their business and simply connect with people to enrich their lives. Good networkers are good at life. I’m going to introduce you to a guy who is excellent at connecting at people—a master, in fact. That’s the preview. Don’t sleep. Stay giddy. Tomorrow’s blog could really help you. It’s helping me.

Tonight I want to take a moment to discuss author websites. To get there, I’m going to tell you what a smart buddy of mine said a few years ago. We were talking about investments. I was worried about what to invest in. His reply was, “It’s less important what you invest in. It is essential that you invest.” Don’t suffer from paralysis by analysis.

I thought about that lesson earlier this year when I was talking to an aspiring author. I told her how I was working on this website. She said she knew it was important for her to establish a web presence and get a fan base going. However, she hadn’t started and it seemed she had no plans. What was holding her back? She was concerned that editors and agents would look at her site and find it lacking. Her theory was that they might like her manuscript, but if they didn’t care for her website, the deal would be sunk.

She was waiting for…actually, I’m not sure what she was waiting for. I guess she was waiting for the time to be right, or for the energy to be higher or to develop a ton of content that was perfect. Unfortunately, if you want a book deal some day, the best time to start your website would be years ago at the Internet’s inception. Second best time? Now.

 There is no right time, the energy will never be high unless you concentrate on the task and realize perfection is an illusion. Strive for excellence. Reject perfection. Universal acceptance of all you write isn’t any more realistic than is expecting every editor and agent to clamor for your manuscript.

The only time to avoid working on your web presence is when it’s cutting into your writing time. Do not sacrifice your writing time for your website. That’s the caveat. Otherwise, ditch the excuses and start up. Start small if you like and you can choose to update weekly instead of daily. You can choose to upgrade later. Just begin. As with your manuscript, something is better than nothing.

It’s less important what you do. It’s more important that you do.


Tomorrow, in Part I of the networking story, I’ll also introduce you to an awesome author I met at Word on the Street in Toronto. Her name is Sue Kenney. You can check out her website at www.suekenney.ca. And yes, her website is great!

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