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Five Tips for Better Blog Posts

In my last post I wrote about the time it takes to write a blog post. (More accurately: I wrote about the time it shouldn’t take.) There’s a faster way to add content to your blog and keep your readership happy. Here’s how:

1. You don’t have to spill your guts with every blog post. Save some expertise for the work your clients pay you for and make sure you don’t spend more time marketing than doing your actual writing (i.e. the writing that is your legacy.)

2. Every post doesn’t have to be deadly serious. Blog posts can be a (short) rant and funny stuff. too. Make sure you provide value and information to your readers, but vary the tone so you don’t come off as relentless.

3. Link to other blogs, videos, and information you find useful, funny or helpful. You do not have to write something fresh for your blog every day. Yes, establish yourself in your web presence. When your readers scan your blog, the voice in their heads should be yours. However, your readers will appreciate your use of your blog as more than a soap box. You are also a filter for information you think would tickle their brains. Link freely when you run across someone else’s brilliance. (And help your search engine optimization in the process, too.)

4. Link your Twitter posts to your blog. This blog has something fresh on it throughout the day as I find things on the feed that makes me laugh or think. Show your appreciation to your fellow birds with friendly tweets. Twitter is a conversation. Let your blog readers in on it and hope they’ll follow you there, too. (Look to the right for a taste. Find me on Twitter @RChazzChute, please.) And no, it doesn’t take long. I scan Twitter during commercials or at night when I struggle with my racing insomniac brain.

5. That’s four to-dos. Here’s a to-don’t. When you don’t have anything to say, don’t. Resist the urge to fill your blog with drivel. Because the word “blog” comes from web log, some people still think of it as a diary. If you’re Kevin Smith, you can do that, but, like Highlander, “there can be only one!” Don’t think of your blog as a diary. Think of it as a magazine.


In the words of one epublisher I met recently, “As soon as anybody tells me what they’re having on their bagel, they’re gone!”

It’s true. Not even Kevin Smith could get away with that. Probably.


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