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Marketing Your Work with Social Media

I’ve spoken with many authors who are reluctant to make the jump to social media to market their work. Often, the concern is that the marketing aspect will take too much time. “When will I find time to write?” they ask. These people might have a time management problem, in which case, make a schedule to which you will commit.

Good news: If social media is taking up that much time, you’re probably thinkng too hard. Some gurus advise that each blog post should take an  hour to write. No way. Think in terms of writing an email to a friend. You are the expert. You can come up with lots of information in a quick post that will be helpful and encouraging. You don’t have to sweat it too much. The work you really have to sweat over is the work for which you are paid directly.

Truism: To live in this world, you have to market. Get over yourself, Butch.

More good news: Marketing with social media is the most fun you’ll ever have.


And if you are committed to long blog posts–sometimes we must and do–break it up with subheadings and graphic elements, or I swear to you, it will be unread.


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